Tell the government: protect 25% of BC by 2025

Protect 25% by 2025

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Tell the BC government nature is a top priority

Nature works hard. Our forests keep carbon out of the air we breathe. Wetlands keep water in their systems, preventing floods. 

Remind our leaders that protecting 25% of BC’s lands and waters by 2025 will help mitigate the worst of climate change and safeguard nature for future generations.

Write a message to BC’s leaders and tell them that nature is a top priority. Click the text box below to edit your email–a personalized message has more impact. If you’re not on Twitter, send an email instead.


B.C. must commit to protecting more of its natural environment

Read CPAWS BC Executive Director Kevin Barlow’s op-ed on protecting more of BC and slowly the pace of climate change and species loss.

“I used to hear a prophecy from the elders when I was a child, growing up in New Brunswick as a member of the Mi’kmaw nation. I find myself thinking about it now as I put up my umbrella once again, against British Columbia’s atmospheric rivers and torrential rains.”

Read the op-ed

Flooded farmland in Abbotsford, BC