Put Nature on the Priority List

Prioritize nature

Shine a light on parks


A new term in office means a new slate of priorities. Let’s ensure that nature won’t be left behind.

The province faces many challenges: a global biodiversity crisis, a health pandemic and the effects of runaway climate change. If we work together, we can create a recovery that puts us in a better, healthier spot for the future.

A recent survey found that an overwhelming majority of BCers identify environmental issues as a top priority for them.

As we welcome back our newly elected leaders, we must remind them of this. Let’s get back to work right away on a green recovery and put nature at the heart of it.

The government needs to hear this message. That’s why CPAWS is asking you to send a letter about prioritizing nature to your local publications.

We’ve prepared a letter for you to start with, but we encourage you to personalize this letter or write your own. Personalized letters can have a real impact and letters to the editor are often the most read section of a newspaper.

2020 and beyond

B.C. voters prioritize environment in election

Almost 70 per cent of British Columbians say conservation and environment issues are very important to them as voters, according to a recent survey the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s B.C. chapter (CPAWS-BC).

“British Columbians want the province to focus on safeguarding nature, and to prioritize wildlife and habitat protection,” says Bruce Passmore, executive director.

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