BC's parks need a raise

BC's parks need your voice

Write to your local paper

Our parks need a raise to support people and nature

BC’s government is currently in talks about their next provincial budget, setting priorities for the year.

They need to hear from you.

When parks reopened this summer, British Columbians flocked to them. Trails, campgrounds and parking lots were bursting at the seams. However, decades of chronic underfunding have left our beloved parks with outdated infrastructure, overburdened trail networks and too few staff.

A coalition of recreation, conservation, tourism, labour and cultural organizations who collectively represent nearly 1400 individual businesses and organizations have recently written to Premier Horgan asking for an essential increase to the BC Parks budget. Will you add your voice?

We’ve drafted a letter to the editor for you, but we encourage you to make it your own. Here are some ways you can personalize your letter:

  • Mention a recent experience you had in a park recently–good or bad
  • Talk about why parks are important to you
  • Many people were turned away due to full parking lots or eroded infrastructure. Has this ever happened to you?

New Survey

Winter won’t put a chill on recreation for BC

A new online survey from CPAWS-BC found that British Columbians expect busier parks and trails as more people head outdoors this winter.

This survey highlights concerns around long-standing issues created by years of underfunding coupled with increasing visitor numbers in BC’s provincial parks.

Read more about the survey results.

Graphic illustrating that 58% of BCers expect parks to be busier this winter