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Write a letter to the editor: Invest in BC Parks to help build back a better BC

The COVID-19 public health crisis has highlighted the urgent need to re-invest in BC parks, which have been chronically underfunded since the early 2000’s.

Today, our parks and the staff who take care of them are ill-equipped to support an influx of visitors as they gradually reopen. Staff shortages mean it will be difficult to enforce physical distancing requirements and maintain higher standards of facilities cleaning needed to keep visitors safe.

Use this website to send a letter to your local publications. We’ve prepared a letter for you to start with, but we encourage you to edit it or write your own!

Personalized letters can have real impact, and letters to the editor are often the most read section of any newspaper, both in print and online.

Why Parks Matter

BC’s Parks Are Critical For Our Health and Wellbeing

The current health crisis has demonstrated the critical role that nature plays in supporting the health and wellbeing of our province. Spending time in nature is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. Well-managed parks also protect endangered lands and waters, provide a safe place for wildlife to raise their young, and preserve clean air and water that we all depend on.

Without adequate funding, our parks can’t do the job they were created to do: provide safe, accessible ways to experience nature and conserve wilderness for generations to come.

British Columbians Miss Nature

With the plan to reopen provincial parks on one of the busiest weekends of the year for outdoor recreation, we know that these places will experience a rush of visitors seeking to reconnect with nature. Now is our chance to turn back the tide on a struggling parks system and improve parks for all British Columbians.

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