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On December 1, 2022 the provincial and federal governments announced an agreement to work together to protect species at risk and ecosystems in BC—called the Nature Agreement.

They also funded it to the tune of $XXX,XXX, the biggest investment in nature in BC’s history!

Not only that, the Nature Agreement also commits to something huge: protecting 30% of land and water in BC by the year 2030.

Let’s celebrate a historic moment for lands, waters and wildlife in BC! Take a moment to write a letter of thanks to the leaders who made it happen (and remember that you helped make it happen too!).

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Reaching 30% through Indigenous-led conservation

Indigenous-led conversation projects are one of the best ways to ensure our 30% target is met. For example, the Kaska Dena plan to protect an area larger than Vancouver Island. Known as Dene Kʼéh Kusān, this would be nearly 4 million hectares (or 4% of BC’s landbase) of new protected land abundant with wildlife.

This is especially important to shelter caribou, a species struggling to feed itself and breed in other parts of the province.

Learn more about Dene Kʼéh Kusān.


Do you know who's hibernating this winter?

512 animal species in BC are at risk of disappearing forever. Some of those are just starting to hibernate for the winter. Imagine if by the time they woke up in the spring, we could tell them their home was safe and protected.

All creatures, hibernating and not, are why we’re on a mission to protect 30% by 2030. Want to test your knowledge of BC’s hibernating creatures?

Take the quiz here.