Nature in BC Needs a Bigger Budget

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The BC government just delivered their annual speech from the throne outlining priorities for a healthy and resilient future.

They reaffirmed their important commitment to protecting 30% of lands and water by 2030, accelerating climate action, and doing so in partnership with Indigenous Peoples to ensure their rights are upheld.

These are ambitious goals, and a larger investment is needed to turn them into reality.

The BC government is set to release a new budget on February 28, and this is your last chance to send them a tweet telling them to increase funding for nature protection.

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Reaching 30% through Indigenous-led conservation

Indigenous-led conversation projects are one of the best ways to ensure our 30% target is met. For example, the Kaska Dena plan to protect an area larger than Vancouver Island. Known as Dene Kʼéh Kusān, this would be nearly 4 million hectares (or 4% of BC’s landbase) of new protected land abundant with wildlife.

This is especially important to shelter caribou, a species struggling to feed itself and breed in other parts of the province.

Learn more about Dene Kʼéh Kusān.