An action plan for protecting 30% of BC by 2030

Protect 30% of BC by 2030

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Global goals need local action plan

When Canada hosted COP15, the United Nations conference on biodiversity, big promises were made. In the last days of 2022, countries around the world came together to commit to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. Many described it as a “Paris moment” for biodiversity.

But those global goals require serious local action. Here in BC, we need an action plan to achieve 30% protection by 2030 if we are going to live up to COP15’s lofty ambitions.

Send a tweet to the BC government and tell them you want to see them work together to support Indigenous-led conservation and protect nature.


Reaching 30% through Indigenous-led conservation

Indigenous-led conversation projects are one of the best ways to ensure our 30% target is met. For example, the Kaska Dena plan to protect an area larger than Vancouver Island. Known as Dene Kʼéh Kusān, this would be nearly 4 million hectares (or 4% of BC’s landbase) of new protected land abundant with wildlife.

This is especially important to shelter caribou, a species struggling to feed itself and breed in other parts of the province.

Learn more about Dene Kʼéh Kusān.